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The TIM Company provides dynamic and highly predictive dissolution systems. With our predictive gastro-intestinal TIM models, we help improving research & development of medicines, food products and chemicals.

Our story

Once a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) 25 years ago, the TIM technology evolved with a focus to support the development of healthy food products and to study the availability for absorption of functional ingredients for a better, safer and healthier life. Following a successful start, the TIM technology was also applied to studying the solubility and release of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from oral drug products in the pharmaceutical market. As the technology matured, TIM systems were adopted by TRISKELION – a TNO initiative, from 2014 till 2019.

After continued success and growth, it is time to stand on our own! As of January 2020, all TIM related activities have been transferred into a separate entity, namely TIM BV, trading under the name “The TIM Company”.


At The TIM Company, it is our mission to accelerate Drug and Food development, by using our innovative TIM technology and applying the excellence of our understanding of the gastrointestinal tract, for the purpose of improving health worldwide.


Tomorrow’s drugs and foods are developed using TIM technology, which reduces animal testing and de-risks human trials.

Our culture & values

Working together means growing together. That is what makes us a company that delivers. Our employees contribute to our process. TIM and The TIM Company employees are one. We have the best knowledge, support, ideas and motivated people in our team. We are a technology leader, innovative and real team players in the field of science.

Our portfolio

Before new food and medicines enter the market, they undergo rigorous testing and extensive analyses. Each year, just a handful of new drugs and a bevy of new foods are licensed and marketed for use, but for every drug and new food product, tens of thousands of drug candidates and food products fall by the wayside. When all is said and done, for every new drug that makes it to market, it has taken around 12 years and cost over €1.2 billion. For every new food claim, hundreds of hours were invested to validate these claims.

In addition, the drug/food development journey involves designing and performing numerous  animal studies and clinical trials to better understand the fate, behavior, safety and efficacy of new formulations. These animal studies and clinical trials are heavy cost drivers during development, so de-risking candidates earlier in development helps to ensure better outcomes for all.

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