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Working together makes you stronger. That is why we want to partner up with some amazing companies in the field of science. Are you our new partner?

We believe in working together. That is why we are looking for suitable partners to partner up with. Because together, we can create great opportunities.

Our vision is that tomorrow’s drugs and foods are developed using the world’s most accurate TIM technology, while contributing to the 3R principles: reducing, replacing and refining of animal testing. We want to make the world a better and healthier place by delivering the best alternative testing methods regarding animal testing. We provide different TIM models and their unique qualities to test more efficient, faster and sustainable. That is why we are best-in-class through passion and teamwork.

Our first partner is Sotax.  Will you be our next partner? Contact us here for more information and let us partner up!



SOTAX is the market leader for solutions for pharmaceutical testing. Through this partnership we offer the best local service for our pharma clients in North America for acquiring TIM Systems and TIM services, TIM trainings, preventive maintenances, consultancy and helpdesk support.

Local presence through our partnership with SOTAX allows us to give quick support and relevant expertise for our pharma clients. Combining our expertise and experience gives you more knowledge and innovation to create a healthier world.

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